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Saving Facebook Posts

I have a MacBook. How can I save something I find on facebook? I’d like to know how to send facebook posts to my email address. Thanks

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    4 years ago

    Interesting query. I guess it depends on what type of post it is.
    I guess with text you could just copy and paste. With an image, you could click on the image, then use the Options button at the bottom to save it to your drive. Then attach that to an email.
    With videos, they are sometimes Facebook videos, and sometimes links to other services, like YouTube. So it is hard to find an answer there.
    Maybe a better solution would be to simply click the little reveal arrow at the top right of each post and use the native Save function in Facebook. Then you can see your list of saved posts. It isn’t email — but I’m not sure why you need to use email for this if you intention is to simply recall some posts in the future.

    Jay Dean
    4 years ago

    Hi Gary, Thanks for your answer to my question….much appreciate you on others Macmost posts as well. Jay

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