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Scanning Replacement Software for Neat?

For a number of years I have used Neat to scan and store receipts, documents, etc. Well, neat is going away from desktop scan storage and they want to charge to use their cloud.
Has anyone found an alternative to go paperless?

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    4 years ago

    You could always just use the Image Capture software that comes with your Mac. But it is more meant for images, not scanning documents.
    Preview also has a File, Import From Scanner command.
    But I don’t know if either of these options will work with your scanner. They don’t with my Fujitsu ScanSnap.Even if they did, I would probably not use it because you really need to have document scanning software that can handle multiple pages and filing.
    What does Neat recommend? Ask their support as they may know of the best option if you want to not use their software.
    I would also take a good look at their software and see if there is a way to still store things locally. They may have that option if you know where to look.
    If you want to get away from them altogether, I switched to that ScanSnap years ago and it has been a great experience.

    4 years ago

    Try Paperless from Mariner Software. It is far from perfect, but might actually do what you need.

    4 years ago

    I like Paperport, and have used it for years.

    4 years ago

    Love my Fijitsu Scansnap. Used to have Neat – the Scansnap works so much better with my mac.

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