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I tried searching for Excel Documents (kind) in the Finder Spotlight of lion. Then I typed a word that is text in the file to find the excel files that have the word but just 2 files show up that i used today. Nothing else !
cyrus Dubash

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    7/23/11 @ 8:22 am

    Not sure. Perhaps other files are not indexed yet. Perhaps something about those files that prevents Spotlight from indexing them. Hard to say without being there.
    I’d experiment more. Spotlight seems to find things as before for me.

    Cyrus Dubash
    7/23/11 @ 8:50 am

    Gary for example in the Finder Window’s Spotlightm if I type EXCEl then i choose Kind Excel Document, I can only see 2 Excel Files if I have selected ALL MY FILEs option, but on clicking ON THIS MAC, it finds a few more Excel files.

    But if i only type XLS in the box it shows me hundreds of Xls files.

      7/23/11 @ 8:55 am

      It sounds like it doesn’t recognize “Excel” as a “kind” maybe? Try XLS or whatever the newer extension for Excel files is. Or just forget about “kind” and use “xls” as in the file name as the search criteria.
      Actually, I just did “kind” as “other” and then typed “excel” and it came up with tons of excel documents.

    Cyrus Dubash
    7/23/11 @ 9:08 am

    Other ? Where is Other ? I clicked KINd and doesn’t show Other !

      7/23/11 @ 9:23 am

      In the Finder, I do Command+F. I type something into the search field. Then I press the + button to add search criteria. I change that from “Kind” is “Any” to “Kind” is “Other” (last choice). Then I can type something next to it.

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