Forum Question: Security of httpS:// on an Open Unsecure Wifi

If I am on a Starbucks or an airport open unsecure Wifi how safe is it to do banking on a bank site that you log on via https://?

With Gmail you login via https:// and all subsequent sites are also https, but on Yahoo only the “front page” or login page is https. Does that mean someone could read my Yahoo emails or is it only necessary that the “front door” is secure and once you enter the site (“house”) it’s not necessary to have the subsequent pages be https?

— Luba

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    3/17/10 @ 6:13 am

    I’m not a security expert. But my understanding is that as long as the page you are viewing is https, the data is sent back and forth encrypted, so it is OK to use over open WiFi. If Yahoo only has the login page as https, then it protects your login process (sending password) but your email would then be sent in the clear as you read it.

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