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Set Birthdays of My Friends in Address Book

Hello everyone.
I am hsn. and i have just bought my first amazing iPhone 3 days ago, and now i am using address book and so many applications
i would like to know how can i setup my contacts birthdays so before their birthday comes iCal could remind me.
alos, in address book when i add anyone there is a section says
“Friend ” what is that used for exactly?

thanks a lot and looking forward for ur answers.


— hsn hot-tub

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    10 years ago

    Are you syncing your iPhone to a Mac? If so, then the Contacts app in the iPhone corresponds to the Address Book on your Mac. Birthdays will then go on to a special calendar in iCal that shows all your contacts’ birthdays.But no reminders are sent out.
    As for “Friend” — I don’t see that anywhere in the Contacts app on my iPhone. Where is it, exactly?

      hsn hot-tub
      10 years ago

      well, i do have a mac.
      and i am talking about ical and address book in the mac not in my iphone.
      if u try to add a new contact there is a field called “friend” next to it you type “name”. what is this friend is used for ?????

        10 years ago

        Sorry, but the way you worded the original message, it made it sound like you were only talking about the iPhone, not a Mac.
        Click on “friend” and you will see you can choose from various options like “spouse” and “parent” etc. This is just a field for entering in a name. For spouse it would be obvious what name you should enter. Friend would mean “girlfriend” or “boyfriend” to most people, but it can be anything you like. It comes in very useful when managing a set of personal contacts to remember the name of the significant other. You can go to the Prefs and customize the basic template to get rid of it if you like.

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