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Set Up a Separate Time Capsule for Exclusive Use Of iMac ?

I will be getting a new iMac soon and would like it to have a Time Capsule set up for exclusive use. Presently, I use MBP and MBA and they are backed up to a Time Capsule, sharing the device. This original TC is connected to my internet source. I also use portable hard disc drives connected by USB to the MBA and MBP devices when I am at home as a secondary backup to Tomce Machine.

I’d like to have the new iMac have its own TC. I’m not sure if that is a simple setup, just telling Time Machine to backup to the new device. I am guessing it is just like setting up any wireless device, having the new iMac recognize the new and separate TC. I not even sure if I can connect the iMac directly (wired) to a separate TC. Wireless is preferred, but only for asthetics.

I also use Carbon Copy Clone on a weekly basis to copy each device. Just wondering if you have suggestions or advice about such an arrangement.

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    4 years ago

    This seems overly complicated and unnecessary. What is your goal? Do you just want to have one drive/volume dedicated to your iMac?
    If you have two TC’s then you can set them up as either two independent networks, or use one to extend the network of another. In the first case, you will have issues since you will then have Macs on different networks and they won’t be able to share files and interact with each other in ways you may want. It will be like they are at two different houses.
    If you extend the network of the first, I’m not entirely sure how the TC hard drives show up. They may show up as two options you get when setting up Time Machine, or only one may show up. Even if they both show up, what is the point to spending the money on two TCs when you can simply add a drive to the USB port on the first TC to accomplish this? That would be cheaper and easier.
    Or, if the idea is to only have this drive backup the iMac? Sounds like it. So then just get a USB 3 drive (USB 3 not USB 2 for 10x speed) and hook it directly to the iMac. Since it is tied to a desk, then why the need for wifi backup at all? Plus a USB 3 backup connection beats a wifi/TC connection any day.
    This is, in fact, the setup I use. My Mac Pro backs up to a USB 3 drive connected directly to it. My MacBook and the MacBooks used by my other family members, backup to a TC (well, an Airport Extreme with a USB drive).
    Oh, and instead of doing the clone once a week like you do, I use an online backup solution. Less fuss and a remote backup to compliment my local one.

    4 years ago

    Your suggestion to use a separate USB 3 drive is the most sensible. I guess I was thinking that somehow the time capsule would be helpful. I guess that is like buying a new Mercedes sedan to use it as a trailer attached to my SUV.

    I agree that as an iMac, I can attach devices and just leave them in place. I’m too accustomed to the portable devices.


    4 years ago

    Got the iMac and set it up with a 4TB external hard drive. Works like a charm. Somehow I had gotten myself to believe that a Time Capsule was the way to go.

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