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Set Up iTunes Account for Child Under 13

My 8 year old received an iPod Touch for Christmas. We are using my Apple ID to download apps. Now she would like to download music (she has a gift card and a relative who has given us $20 cash for her to download music).
My question is, is it possible to create a separate iTunes account for her or do we have to do it using my AppleID? If we must use my AppleID, is there a way to ensure her music doesn’t end up on my iPod and vice versa? I’m sure it’s a simple answer but I’m not very tech-savvy.
I also want to ensure the proper security protocols are in place so she can’t download anything she pleases (apps, or music.)
Thanks for your help.

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    7 years ago

    I would not create a separate iTunes account. Instead, I would use your account and just add the iTunes gift card amount to your account. Then keep track of her purchases so she gets to spend the money.
    As for it not ending up on other devices — you can get things up to work any way you want. There are many options in iTunes when you are syncing, and also options under iTunes in Settings on the device. So it is just a matter of reviewing all options for all devices and setting them the way you want. Turn off options that will automatically put new purchases onto the device. Then also turn off options that will automatically sync things (music, apps, books, movies, etc) when you connect to iTunes on your Mac.

    Mike w
    7 years ago

    I have a similar situation, with three children and multiple iOS devices. Gary’s advice is right on. Keeping the single iTunes account makes it simple and manageable. I use a Mac as my main computer to sync each iOS device to. Even now I have a bunch of songs and apps I purchased and will sync to the individual devices later. Some songs are not liked by each child, so we make up a playlist for them from my main computer. One older child gets apps like Pages and the others do not.

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