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I have a new MBP 15″ with OS 10.6. When I first used the system, the “Genius” who assisted me was advising I did not need to set a password. I could set it later. Fine with me. Since then, whenever I have installed an update or such, the system accepted the process with no problem, and no password. Now I’d like to make better use of the features of Keychain and such. I’d like to have an administrator password. In effect (I guess) start over. Be aware, I have no problems so far. I am simply trying to avoid any problems by screwing up the process. I am not living anywhere near a “Genius” so problems become a real hassle. Can someone advise me what is the best way to create my administrator password? There are no other users, only myself.
Mike Wheless

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    7/19/11 @ 11:31 am

    No need to start over!
    Just set a password.
    Go to System Preferences, Accounts. Choose the account. Look at the right for the option to set a password (may say: Change Password).

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