Forum Question: Setting up Dreamweaver and MobileMe

Hi Gary,

Thanks for all the tutorials thus far–great work. I want to start utilizing Dreamweaver instead of iWeb for website designing and I’ve also paid for the yearly subscription for Mobileme.

I saw your tutorial for “making websites with mobileme without iWeb.” And I have one question: is Mobileme an FTP?WebDav? and can it integrate with dreamweaver smoothly?

In effect, using dreamweaver to code etc, mobileme to host, and I can publish and see results on my website?

— Kazuo

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    2/19/10 @ 6:04 pm

    Technically, I think it is a WebDav — but I don’t know if you can interface with it that way. Instead, you just use the Finder and drag and drop files. I’m not sure you can upload directly from Dreamweaver — I’ve never tried it.
    I think you may have to publish to a local Web directory and then move the files over. OR, treat your iDisk web directory as a local directory and have Dreamweaver publish there. I’d just play around and experiment with it.

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