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Setup current folder as variable in Automator?

I have 2 questions:
1- How do I setup my current folder as variable in Automator?
2- Is there anyway to avoid unzip files into new folders? Let me explain, Let’s say that I have 20 sequencial files whenever I unzip them, they create a new folder to each one, I just want them to unzip into a current folder.
I was thinking using automator as a solution, but I can’t setup my current folder as variable, well, If there’s a better I will be very happy to know.
Roberto Torao

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    10 years ago

    I believe Get Selected Finder Items will return whatever is selected. If it is a Folder, then it should be a folder.
    I’m pretty sure that creating a folder is a function of the unarchive application that is used. I think the reason it does that is to avoid file name conflicts. If it doesn’t create a folder, then it could be trying to unzip a file of the same name into the folder.
    You may want to look into digging deeper. Maybe instead of Automator, a shell script might be best. You could use command line tools to unzip the files and do more with them. Not sure of your experience level there, though.

    Roberto Torao
    10 years ago

    Thanks, I hope you will do a episode about how to use variables in automator, I google around and there’s no good tutorials about this topic.

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