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“Shared” located in “Finder” How to turn off.

I just moved into a new Apt. building and for the first time since owning my my Mac I can see 3 people in the “Shared” column
in finder. Can you please tell me how to block these connection ?
If I can see them, they can see me, and I don`t want that.

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    9 years ago

    Are you sharing an network with them? You should only see people on your network, connected to your base station or router. What’s your situation? Are you connecting to some sort of apartment building network? Some sort of shared wi-fi that the building offers?
    There are many things to consider:
    If this is a shared network, then is there a wi-fi password? If not, then it is totally insecure. I wouldn’t use it. Even if there is a password, it could be insecure (compromised at the base station). But at least a password means that the signals are encrypted between you and the base station.
    Now it isn’t necessarily true that if you can see them, then they can see you. Go to System Preferences, Sharing. Do you have File Sharing turned on? If so, then they can “see” you. Now as long as you have a password on your account, then they need that password to get to your files. But you can simply turn off File Sharing completely to make sure. Otherwise, they can usually get to your Public Folder and Public Folder’s Drop Box. Depends on how you have it set up. Turn off other types of sharing there if you like as well.
    Once you do that, then they can’t see you. But you will still be able to see them. Not much you can do about that except get off the public network and on to your own private one.

    9 years ago

    Thank you, Thank you Gary !!! Yes the Apt. complex has a wi-fi network that I decided to use, they charge $25 for 6Mb and the password. I believe I found the problem. I ran a “Appplejack” Scan last night and when finished “Applejack” placed my Public folder back in “Shared Folders”. So I deleted my public from “Shared Folders” (again) and the names are no longer visible in “Finder” Also all “Sharing” is turned off. I hope I`ve done this correctly, and Thanks again for all your help.

    9 years ago

    Obviously you are sharing the same network with others. If that’s the case I would leave file sharing off because with it on everyone can see your files like you can see theirs as well. Unless you trust them! Also maybe think about enabling your firewall for extra measures. Most people who own their own network are mostly protected behind the router but since you and everyone else is behind the router you may want to consider turning on firewall. $25 a month?! And everyone shares? This guy is making a killing. There are good priced DSL lines that are just for you at roughly the same price. Think about it!

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