Forum Question: sharing iTunes on one computer

I’d like to be able to share my iTunes music with my kids so they can load their own iPods without logging into my computer account. I tried to follow the Apple Support instructions of moving the iTunes Media folder to the Public folder, but this didn’t seem to do anything. Any suggestions?

— Bill F

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    7/30/10 @ 6:32 am

    Lots of ways to do those, assuming the music doesn’t have DRM protection. You could move your music to your public folder, yes. I would move the music there, NOT your itunes library. Instead, set up your library so it doesn’t move or organize your music at all. Sonthe library is in it’s regular place, but your music is in a public spot.
    Then your kids can add those same files to their iTunes libraries.
    That’s one way, anyway. Putting an external shared drive with the music on your network is a better one — it doesn’t require your Mac to be on and awake for them to see the music.

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