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Sharing Libraries between accounts

Hi Gary,

My wife and I share a MacBook with seperate sign-ins. I have all of our pictures and music on my side and I want her to be able to access them. How do I set up the MB so that both of us have access to our media?


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    9 years ago

    You have a few options. One would be to store your iTunes library on an external (or second) drive. Another would be to put them in the Shared folder, or above the user folder in a place where both account have full access rights.
    I would recommend each of you keeping separate libraries, though, and then sharing the media files in this way only (set both your iTunes to NOT copy and organize files). This comes in handy if you have separate iTunes store accounts. It also helps if you have separate podcast subscriptions. You can then have your music, your wife can have her music, and then you can have some shared music.
    iPhoto is a little trickier. You can put the library in a shared location. See

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