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Should a Mac User Get ‘Dr. Cleaner’?

I saw Dr.Cleaner in Apple Store.
Knowing your views on MacKeeper and similar packages, does the fact that this is listed and “reviewed” in Apple Store make it “worthwhile” item? Should Mac users (macOS Sierra in my case!) have this in their system?

Fernando Gonçalves

Comments: 3 Responses to “Should a Mac User Get ‘Dr. Cleaner’?”

    4 years ago

    I have never seen this product, used it, or reviewed it. But I do not recommend any “cleaner” type of app. You don’t need it. macOS takes care of itself. I am a pro Mac user — developer, video producer, writer, webmaster, etc — and I don’t have any cleaner apps installed on any of my Macs.
    Save your money and avoid potential problems and conflicts.

    Raiford Gardiner
    4 years ago

    Gary is right. A long time ago I tried one of those for some now unknown reason and it was a nightmare. Worse still was trying to get rid of it, and the company behind it from continually harassing me with so called improvements, updates, extras…….Those things are just over the border from malware. Being self inflicted they are the AIDS of the computer world.

    Bill Robinson
    4 years ago

    My wife’s Mac Book Air had very little room left, on the hard drive. Poking around, I was having a hard time figuring what deletions would lead to significant storage gains. “CleanMyMac 3” showed that the GMAIL log files were taking up 40G of storage. Deleting those logs made a dramatic difference. This was something I would not have found on my own.

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