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Should I Bother Buying a New Microsoft Office Now That I’m Updating To Mojave?

As the years have passed I’ve always used MS Office to primarily keep in with the majority, and for document compatibility.

I really don’t use it much, if at all now; I’m a Pages, Numbers & Keynote user.
Of course I understand their cross compatibility, which is sufficient…

Could I ditch Microsoft Office? Or is their a good reason I’m not thinking of to stay up to date?
Thank you, Pete

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    2 years ago

    Why not just try going without it? It only takes a few minutes to buy it if you decide you need it.

    It doesn’t sound like, to me, that you need it. If someone sends you a Word document, you can open it up in Pages. Heck, you can open it up in TextEdit too. And if someone requires that you send a Word document, you can always export from Pages as Word too. If someone needs you to be “compatible” with them then they probably want you to be compatible with the current version of Word anyway, not an old version.

    Oh, and if you have an old 32-bit version version of Word now, and it works with High Sierra, then it should work with Mojave. The only difference is you will get a warning when you first launch it that it won’t work in Catalina.

    2 years ago

    Hi Gary, Thank you for your considerable response. I do very much like your perspectives and opinions with this.
    Best wishes, Peter

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