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Should I Buy a New MacBook Air Now, or Wait Until Later This Year?

I would like to buy a new MacBook Air. My current one (4 GB from 2009) is getting extremely slow and full (despite having it worked on at the genius bar last year).

I know it’s impossible to know for sure, but do you think there will be a lot of improvements to the MacBook Air later on this year (2017). If so, I might wait to buy one then.

I’ve also heard Apple might get rid of MacBook Airs completely, so if this the case, I’d want to buy one sooner than later.

Also, can you get the MacBook Air without the backlit keyboard? My current one doesn’t have this feature, and I like it like that. (Or can you turn the keyboard lights off?)
Corinna Nairn

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    7 years ago

    According to MacRumors ( they think that the MacBook Air line is about to die. I'm inclined to agree. At least if there is a new one it shouldn't look anything like the current model. The whole idea of an Air is for it to be a light MacBook. But the "MacBook" is now easily the lightest MacBook.

    If I were in the market for an ultra-light MacBook it would simply be the MacBook. I get jealous of them every time I see one -- so tiny and light compared to my MacBook Pro.

    MacRumors doesn't list the current MacBook as a "Don't Buy" yet, but they do have it as "Caution" as the current model is from April 2016, so a new one may be out soon. However, I wouldn't be surprised if a new model is just a modest speed bump. I'm never a fan of waiting for those kind of updates. I'd rather have the machine when I need it, not based on update schedules.

    7 years ago

    Thanks, Gary. But the MacBook is a lot pricier than the Air.
    Not sure I need all the features of the MacBook- it's just for general use. Not heaps of graphics, etc.
    Your thoughts?

    7 years ago

    The reason the MacBook Air is a little cheaper now ($999 vs $1249) is that it still has a standard display, not the retina display of the MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac (and iPad and iPhone). If the Air is to live on, I'm sure Apple would have to upgrade the display to match the rest, which would make it pricier.
    The MacBook is definitely meant for general use, not for anyone that works with graphics or such.
    You also get more storage with the MacBook (256GB base) vs Air (128GB base). You were saying that storage was an issue.
    I would go to the Apple Store and compare them firsthand.

    7 years ago

    I just took my MacBook Pro 2009 and added 4 gigs of memory then replaced the hard drive with an SSD drive with double the space that I had. It's like a brand new machine. Very fast and better in battery. For a few hundred dollars versus buying a new machine.

    7 years ago

    Gary- thanks for your advice.

    George- great idea. Wondering if you had your work done at Apple, or elsewhere. I've heard if you have it worked on elsewhere, Apple won't touch it anymore after that. Did you get a quote from both Apple and other places before doing the work?

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