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Should I Buy the App 1Password?

I am thinking of getting 1Password but after the 30 day trial it comes with a reasonably large yearly cost. Is it worth it? I have looked at your 2011 video where you sing it’s praises. I would be interested to know if you still use it and what you think of it in regards to keychain.
Brenda Brooks

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    7 years ago

    I still use it. I was using it long before Apple built in similar functionality to Safari and iCloud. It's biggest advantage over Apple's built-in system is that it is cross-platform. With Apple, the iCloud Keychain works great on all of your Macs and iOS devices, but if you have just a single Android or Windows device, then it can be a pain to get to your passwords on that device.

    1Password is also very good at letting you store miscellaneous pieces of information, not just passwords. You can do it with iCloud Keychain, but it is not as straight-forward. Also some good organizational features.

    I think for most users, if they are just using Apple devices, then iCloud Keychain is all they need. Is there something about 1Password that you are using that can't be done with iCloud Keychain? If so, it is a quality app. But if money is an issue and you can work without it, then just use iCloud Keychain.

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