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Should I Clone My Old Drive or Copy Files To New SSD Drive

Should i clone my current drive OR install new applications and then copy the files to my new drive for a fresh install.
My current drive is from a 2011 MacBook Pro 13in…I just don’t want to copy any bad sectors or junk from old to new.


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    2 years ago

    Are you moving from an old Mac to a new one? Or are you replacing an old drive?

    If a new Mac, use Migration Assistant.

    If a new drive in the same Mac, you can do either. Cloning is quick and easy. But I see the appeal of starting with a fresh operating system install, only the apps I need, and then moving documents over. That’s what I would do. But it isn’t wrong to do either.

    2 years ago

    Thanks for your quick response. Its a new drive on the same Mac.
    I know cloning will be quick. thanks and I intend to move files over as needed…

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