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Should I Download an App Even If Its Not an Apple App?

I have just downloaded encrypt me. on my iPhone and my iPad and I am having a free trial for 14 days for a VPN. My question is should I put n on my Mac even though its not an apple identify app. In preferences I have checked the box only apple apps only.
Marina Meyer

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    2 years ago

    When downloading and installing an app that is not from the Mac App Store, it is important to take a few things into consideration.

    1. Do you trust the publisher/developer/app?

    For instance, the most common non-App-Store apps are probably Adobe and Microsoft ones. These are established companies with long histories of Mac app development. Then there are small companies that have been around for a long time like Panic or Smile. If you don’t know the company from experience, then do research. If a company or an app is a “bad actor” then it will be really obvious after a few minutes of Google searching. Or, look for recommendations from experienced Apple experts.

    2. Are you downloading the app from the real site?

    This is where a lot of people get tripped up. They trust an app, but then download it from some sort of “software download site” or just a plain fake site. Always make sure you go to the actual site from the actual developer. Or, if the developer is using a service to distribute their software, make sure you follow the links from their actual site.

    3. Do you really need it?

    Even if the first and second conditions are met, limit your margin of error (that you got 1 and 2 wrong) by only downloading when you really need to. There are people who download all sorts of apps just to check them out or because they are curious. In today’s world that is just not advisable.

    In this case EncryptMe has been around for a while and is trustworthy. I use it myself. Make sure you download from, their official site. And you want a VPN, so this is something you need.

    Marina Meyer
    2 years ago

    Thank you for your prompt response. Just new to MacMost, have learnt so much from your videos.

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