Forum Question: Should I Enable the Two-Step Verification for Apple ID?

How safe is this two step verification for an Apple ID and can we continue with the old system? Will we all be forced into switching in the near future.

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    3/22/13 @ 3:21 pm

    I’ll be doing a video on this next week.
    Two-step verification significantly increases the security of your Apple ID (iTunes/App Store account, etc).
    It increases safety.
    But there is a risk. To sign in to your account to do certain things (make changes, make purchases) you will need to use your password and also get a code from your mobile device (iPhone, iPad or any SMS device) that is used that one time. If you don’t have that device or the device isn’t working, then you have a backup of a special code that you print out and store in a safe place.
    So what happens if you don’t have that mobile device or your backup code? You can’t sign in. Period. Apple won’t help you. They probably can’t as the codes are encrypted on their servers anyway, so they can’t help even if they wanted to.
    The result is that it is very secure. No one can “fake it” and get into your account. But this means you can’t get into your account should you ever lose the device and the code.
    This is scary for some people. But for someone like me, I set it up the moment it was available. I’ve have two-step set up for other accounts for a long time.
    I doubt that Apple will force people to do this any time soon. For many users who do not understand it, it will be a risk.

      3/22/13 @ 5:18 pm

      Thanks Gary for your quick reply, I look forward to your video next week..

      Gordon Potter
      3/23/13 @ 1:09 pm

      Gary when you make you video, would please address a couple of points, if possible. #1 Can a person opt out in the event the new system is too much of a PITA. #2 Do you really mean two factor security just to purchase? Or do you mean two factors to authorize a device and only password for purchases?

        3/23/13 @ 3:00 pm

        #1 — you can opt out by simply not doing it. But as for reversing the process, yes.
        #2 – According to the Apple site, you need it to make purchases and to make changes to the account (like changing your email address).

    3/28/13 @ 8:29 am

    How does this work if you buy a new iphone and you old iphone is your trusted device? When you first turn on the iphone you log into your account but the cell service isnt fully active yet- at least on Verizon.

      3/28/13 @ 9:08 am

      Could work in many ways. You only need 2 out of 3, so use your password and the backup code to log in and add the new device. Or, add the SMS number as another device option. Or, use wifi with the old device to log in once and add the new device.

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