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Should I Quit Mac Apps and Keep My Mac Plugged In To Save Battery?

Hello Gary, Love your Content
I know that it is good not to quit iOS apps from the app switcher, as the OS is smart enough
1)Do you think that’s the same case with the mac, Do we need to quit apps on the mac to save resources and battery life?
2)Another one, I use my macbook on a desk for the most part, do you think I should always use my macbook plugged in inorder to save my macbook battery? Are there any advantages by using your macbook plugged in or are there any reasons not to use it that way….

Device: Mac Running Big Sur

App: Something Else
Tim Warren

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    3 years ago

    In most cases with normal use and normal apps you don't need to quit apps. When those apps aren't doing anything or are hidden, they won't be using any battery power.

    In general, I quit an app if I know I won't be using it for the foreseeable future. For instance, if I need to edit an image and open an image editing app, then finish the task, but don't imagine myself needing it again for the rest of the day or longer, I'll quit. But apps like Mail, Safari, Notes, Reminders, etc, I keep those open. If I am not using them, I hide them.

    And yes, it is perfectly fine to keep your MacBook plugged in when you can. I always say: have it plugged in when you can, use the battery when you can't.

    Keeping it plugged in means it won't be using battery cycles. The age of your battery depends mostly on battery cycles. See

    3 years ago

    Thank you very much Gary, Comprehensive and precise as always...

    3 years ago

    Some games do continue to use the cpu even when minimized.

    I opened my MacBook Pro one morning and it was almost too hot to touch after running all night.

    I’m sure this was an issue with the game but all of mine are purchased thru the Apple App Store.

    3 years ago

    Greg: A game is a completely different thing than an app like Mail or Safari or some sort of tool. Why would you leave a game open and running if you are not actively playing?

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