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Should I Shut Down My MacBook When Traveling?

You keep telling us that we should not shut down our MacBooks (me: MacBook Pro 15″ (2015) and lately M1 MacBook Pro 14″) all the time. But what do you do when travelling with the MacBook (walk-bike-car-train-plane). Would it not be safer for the MacBook to be shut down while being bumped around in a rucksack?

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    2 years ago

    There's no need to shut it down for traveling. There used to be, a long time ago (like 20 years ago), back when hard drives had moving parts. But then Apple started using drives that would lock themselves when they were moving. And of course now all MacBooks use solid state drives.

    Letting your Mac sleep while traveling is ideal because you can quickly access it during the trip. You can take it out when you have 5 minutes to check your email while waiting for a train or plane, or while on the ride, etc. No need to wait for the shut down or start up. Even with today's M1 Macs starting up so fast, it still takes a while for your apps and documents to load and appear so you can get back to work, checking email, watching Netflix, etc.

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