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Should I Sign Out Of iCloud and Back In To Resolve a iCloud Backup Issue?

I have recently tried to do iCloud backups on three iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro). I have gotten notices the backup was comp,etc, but there is 0kb in the backup. I do have sufficient iCloud memory (50gb). The backups do not show there when I check usage of iCloud storage. I have already done a backup with iTunes before I begin to fix this. I intend to erase the backup in the iCloud and then I assume I will be able to start again. I am convinced the problem is slow and probably intermittent internet speed. Whilst I was searching for trouble shooting tips, one suggestion was to sign out of iCloud. However, I was uncertain if that was a good step, and I am uncertain if this is a mistake I will regret. Do you have suggestions about signing out of iCloud and how this will impact my device(s)?
Mike W

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    2 years ago

    You mention that there is 0 kb in the back. How can you tell? Where are you looking, exactly, that you see it is 0 kb? Is it in Settings, iCloud, iCloud Storage?

    Instead of signing out of iCloud completely, why not just turn off the backup feature, delete the backup, and turn it on again?

    Signing out and back into iCloud on your iPhone is a common way to resolve problems. But it can be a little daunting when you first do it because you need to deal with questions about saving copies of data locally. If you are only using an iPhone that can be tough as your information then “nowhere” until you sign in again. But since you have a Mac, then you can still see your iCloud information on your Mac while you are signed out on your iPhone so it is less of a problem. Still, it is easy to accidentally tell it to store copies locally and then you may end up with duplicate data when you sign into iCloud again. So watch out for that.

    You could always just go to the Genius Bar if you have one nearby and have them take care of this.

    Mike W
    2 years ago

    iCloud, manage storage, all devices listed, 0kb for each. I did shut off backup and deleted the backup (for one device for now). Then turned on the backup for that device and got the message that I was hoping for…”iCloud Backup will occur later when connected to power, locked, and on WiFi”. At least this is the way the process started after I first started using iCloud backup. I may have triggered the issue when I did a “Back Up Now” at a time when I had a fast internet connection.

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