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Should I Subscribe To “Premium” Malwarebytes for Mac?

I am currently using the “free” version of Malwarebytes for Mac based on positive comments from CNET and others. No problems so far. Received offer to subscribe the “Premium” edition of this software for “real time” protection @$43/yr starting Oct.5th. Confused. I know it is said “Macs never get viruses” but other things can still infect my MacBook PRO(2018) laptop. Need professional opinions. Please be candid and brutally honest! Thanks in advance.
Ron H.

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    2 years ago

    My professional and brutally honest opinion is that you don’t need ANY constantly-running anti-virus software.

    All you need to do on a Mac is to follow my three rules. Also not that your Mac already has anti-virus protection at the system level. Part of macOS, with the codename XProtect, already deals with things, efficiently and quietly. Apple regularly updates it. This is in addition to the safeguards like requiring that you enter you password to install software and the discouragement of download un-credentialed software.

    But nothing will protect you if you decide to download and install software from sites you shouldn’t trust.

    As for Malwarebytes, I have never used it myself. But my understanding of the free version is that it is a run-once app that can help you get rid of some adware and other annoyances if you have not been obeying the three rules. The important part is that you install it, run it once to fix the problem, and then uninstall it (because hopefully you won’t need it again, and if you do it would have been updated anyway). This is far better than having some anti-virus software that is always running, slowing down your Mac, and giving you all sorts of false positives and mild warnings that are not necessary.

    Jan Franklin
    2 years ago

    We use Malwarebytes quite often with our senior group at this retirement location and love it. We feel no need for the “premium” version, staying with the free version which does have updates. I would highly recommend it.

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