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Should I Update Carrier Settings When Prompted If In Another Country?

On several trips into Canada, my iPhone has prompted me to update carrier settings. I declined each time, because I was connected to a Canadian carrier, and I was afraid it might mess up my phone.
But then I wondered if carrier settings are meant to be limited only to one’s home network, or if it’s intended/beneficial to update settings for any carrier the phone connects to.

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    4 years ago

    Yes, you should do it. The carrier updates will improve communication between your phone and the carrier you are using at the moment. But it shouldn’t affect communication when you get home since you would be using your regular carrier again. Think of them like printer drivers in the old days. You would update the drivers for printer B when you are connected to it, but you wouldn’t think that that would matter when you connect back to printer A since it has its own drivers.

    Cameron Price
    4 years ago

    OK, great, thanks!

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