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Should I upgrade to Lion ?

Should I get lion now or wait a few weeks for all the bugs to be ironed out thanks —–
Simon Yates

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    10 years ago

    That really is up to you.
    You’ve got to consider lots of factors. Do you use you Mac for critical tasks at work? Or do you use it to have fun? Would you like to spend time now playing with all the new goodies, or do that on a day when you have lots of spare time? Are there features of Lion that you have been dying to get your hands on? Lots of factors…
    One thing to keep in mind: Lion has been out for developers and testers for a long time. It isn’t “new” today. So Apple has been working out bugs over many releases. Are there still bugs? Yes, of course. There is no such thing as a bug-free OS (they are just too big and complex and there is no 100% possible).

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    10 years ago

    I agree completely with you Gary. I am still having problems with Snow Leopard. I use Photoshop mainly,and the internet for knowledge, and on an odd occasion i buy something. I am self teaching myself in both. I still cannot get over the Preview Application when you replied to this topic. You said it`s a common word yes,but most of all you knew what i meant,and you have some videos on it. On the Apple site they haven`t got a clue. Thats why i am sticking to your site. Lion no go!

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