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Should I Use the Router Provided By My ISP?

I know you recommend against using the default email address provided by internet service providers. Do you have any feelings about using the router provided by one’s ISP?

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    2 years ago

    There is no right answer. Some ISPs probably provide decent routers with Wi-Fi. I know that some provide pretty bad ones. If you look for reviews of your router online (by model number) what do people say about it?

    The other factors are price and features. Do you need a feature that your ISP's router does not provides? Are you willing to spend the money to get a separate Wi-Fi system to enhance your network?

    But looking at like how I recommend not using ISP email -- I don't think there is a definite need. It is fine to use your ISP's provided Wi-Fi if it gives you everything you want. Just make sure you secure it by setting a Wi-Fi password, not the default. And also secure any admin controls by setting your own password there too.

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