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Should We Ever Mess With Keychain Access?

Looking in iCloud Passwords… I see there are some in there from 2013 at sites I no longer use. Should I delete those? Are there other areas within Keychain access I can remove? For instance… in Login then Passwords, I see a ‘trialStartDate’… when I right-click on that and select Get Info.. then click on Access Control… I see ‘NotePlan’. I have no idea what that is… should I delete it?

Thank you… Doug Brandt
Doug Brandt

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    3 years ago

    You can do whatever you want, a they are your passwords. But I can't think of a good reason why. Most people don't look in Keychain Access ever, so it isn't like you need to keep it neat in there.

    A password from 2013 may come in useful later on. Maybe not that one, but if you deleted 50 old passwords that you "think" you no longer need, I'll bet you do need one of them at one point. So why delete them? There is no real benefit for deleting them.

    A for that other one, I would suspect that you downloaded an app with a free trial and it put that entry in the Keychain. Again, no harm in keeping it. But probably no harm in removing it either. But if you keep doing things like that in Keychain then eventually you will delete something you didn't realize you needed.

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