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Skyfire vs iSwifter vs the next big thing

I tried Skyfire for iPad and found it did pretty much nothing it was supposed to do. This morning, I tried iSwifter and was quite impressed by its functionality. The only catch seems to be using the keyboard in some cases. Has anyone found an app that trumps both Skyfire and iSwifter? Just curious.

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    10 years ago

    It seems that all iSwifter is creating a VNC connection to a remote computer somewhere. A Widows machine or virtual machine. Then it is sending you the video and audio. So it should work with any Flash content.
    I can’t believe that they can sustain this. More people using iSwifter will mean more machines on their end to support them.
    Plus, keep in mind that you are surfing the web on someone else’s computer. Don’t even think about logging in to any site or using an ID or password of any kind for anything.

      10 years ago

      Oh, that’s frightening. I didn’t realize that. My kids use iSwifter to access their Club Penguin accounts.

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