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Slow iMac, what’s the best software to clean it?

I have an iMac from april 2009, 24″/2.66/2x2GB/ 640GB and I use Snow Leopard.
In the last period it is slower, almost like a Windows… :-))
Specially when I look at the maps on the net, there are some squares the take a looong time to be shown… It also started to freeze a bit oftener than before.
Anybody know a good software to clean it? I wasn’t impressed with CleanMyMac.

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    10 years ago

    You don’t need any special software to clean your Mac. Try some of the ideas in episode 349:
    For your browser, try clearing everything: the cache, cookies, browsing data, etc.
    If it is graphics not loading, then it may not be your Mac at all. Could be trouble with your Internet connection. Do you use DSL or a CableModem? Try rebooting it (power down, up).

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