Forum Question: Snow Leopard-Boot Camp 3

I have Vista SP2 on the boot camp partition of my iMac 24″. When attempting to run the boot camp drivers from the Snow Leopard disc, it adds some drivers and then bogs down and never finishes.

I had to use the Leopard disc with boot camp 2 drivers which worked okay.

Any ideas?

— Gary Story

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    10/30/09 @ 3:48 pm

    I just let the Snow Leopard disc do a standard upgrade and my Vista boot camp partition continued to work fine. Are you saying you ran a separate install of boot camp drivers from the disc?

      Gary Story
      11/1/09 @ 4:03 pm

      Hi Gary,

      The Vista partition works fine, but within the partition I was trying to get the new boot camp 3 drivers from the Snow Leopard disc. It installs a Boot Camp Control Panel within Vista. I am now running the boot camp 2 drivers from the Leopard (not Snow) disc.

      I was under the understanding, that when doing so, I would be able to read the Mac partition while in the Vista partition.


        11/1/09 @ 7:49 pm

        I don’t see much out there about others having problems with Boot Camp Assistant 3. But I suppose a lot of people are like me and don’t bother to install it.
        I think having your Boot Camp partition read the Mac side would depend a lot on the disk formats. But I haven’t experimented. I usually just use Parallels to access my Boot Camp partition. Those virtualization programs are as good as rebooting in Boot Camp now.

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