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Snow Leopard – Classic Environment Options In Application ?

Snow Leopard and support to get the Classic Environment options in Application to work?
I am trying to get all parts of the OCR Omnipage Se to be suuported. I have the Snow on external hard drive with latest updates.
There are parts of program that are greyed out and the statement – and for example: FORMAT options – State the pop up mentioned No longer supported will use default style
Strange since last year when Snow was on my Hard Drive ALL WAS well.
I have down loaded Sheep Shaver, yet it seems very complicated and I am not sure about how successful I will be able to install?
Any Sugggestion is welcomed.
Thank You
Kathy Ellis

Comments: 2 Responses to “Snow Leopard – Classic Environment Options In Application ?”

    11 years ago

    My suggestion is to give up and find a better alternative. If that app is old and hasn't been updated for Intel after all of these years, then it is time to move on.
    In this case there are dozens of alternatives. Lots of good, supported, updated and feature-rich OCR solutions.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    11 years ago

    Thats what i find. I had the Windows Media Player,and like Kathy said above a pop up said the same. It was on Snow Leopard no bother,but when i changed to ML thats when application`s stopped working. (Old One`s)

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