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Snow Leopard Software Update causes near death experience!

Today (10/12/1), my iMac executed a software update for Safari, iTunes, and a Security Update. When the update was finished, a restart was required. When my machine restarted, I got a black screen with the message “Insert boot disk and press a key”!!
Luckily after some failed attempts, I was able to boot the Mac off my Snow Leopard Install Disk. I ran the Disk Utility program, repaired the disk and permissions, and she still gave me the same result on reboot. Starting up again off the CD, I re-ran the Disk Utilities. In the menu line at the top off the screen I found a selection to “Choose Startup Disk”. I was able to select my hard disk. I then rebooted AGAIN, and this time, everything went OK. Thank GOD!! Anyone else have this happen to them???

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    Mr Anthony Cotton
    10 years ago

    I catch your drift,but i can`t do the things like you. I do not even know how you reboot. I have had a Mac since 2006 i get my son to do it because i am not technically minded and my age 63yrs I wished i could do the things like you. My gripe is you would think there would be a place for beginner to do this. Please don`t mention Forums, because they just seem to ague with each other. I am glad you fixed the problem.

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