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I would like to know if anyone has any ideas on how I might be able to capture digital 8mm footage into imovie or final cut express.
I am using a Sony Digital 8mm Handycam model # DCR-TRV280
I Do not have the firewire 400 / iLink cable (useless anyway my iMAc only has firewire 800 port.)
I do have the AV cables
I do have the usb cable
My Buddy wanted me to shoot a short Documentary of him/for him using this camera—which he was sure was compatible. Well it doesn’t work on my late2009 intel imac OS 10.6.6 and it didn’t work on his intel macbook OS 10.4.11, or his other non intel macbook OS 10.4.11—forgive me if this doesn’t make sense (i’m trying).
I can’t find a driver or software for this camera online anywhere. I have ideas like AV capture and perhaps using an 8mm video deck…..but regardless of what i just mentioned I would just like to pick some brains and see if there is possibly a software magic bullet out there.
I am looking for any and all advice on this and/or recommended approaches and/or services—preferably on the cheap.
The Moral of the story here is this: Never Ever EVER use equipment that you are not absolutely sure is compatible with your computer. Always test shoot and test capture and never take your friends word for it no matter how SURE they think they are. Cause you don’t wanna be mid shoot and find this out.
thank you for your time.
Rich O

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    1/17/11 @ 10:10 am

    I had one of these cameras. The USB cable connection is only for transfering still images taken with the still image feature of the camera. The best and cheapest way to get the video from the camera to your Mac is to use Firewire. You just need to find a replacement cable. Since your Mac has only FW800, then get a cable that goes from the type of FireWire connection on the camera (forget what it is called — mini or some such) to FW800. Or, get one like the original that goes to FW400 and then an adapter to go to FW800 — it is just a simple adapter as FW800 supports FW400.
    You don’t need any drivers or anything. Once you have the right cable(s) connected to Firewire you can just stream the video into iMovie using the standard Firewire video capture function of iMovie.

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