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Sort Images By Size and Metadata

Backround: Developer on Windows.
Recently bought and enjoying iMac and switching many tasks to Mac.
Question; In Windows Explorer, I can sort by image size, many different dates and other metadata entries. Is there a way to do this in OSX? I have TotalFinder which is great but doesn’t add this ability.

Thank you in advance!!—–

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    9 years ago

    In the Finder you can do a search for files that meet certain criteria, including things in image metadata. But that is a little different than what you are asking. But it would help if you goal is to find files above or below a certain size or date, etc.
    A net search for “mac Sort Images By Size and Metadata” turned up a few pieces of software that may help.

      9 years ago

      Thank you. I will check both out. Great job on your site and podcasts. It has helped me quite a bit with my transition.

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