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Sorting emails in Mail

Is there a way to sort an email into a mailbox folder directly from the message? I usually have to close the email, drag it from the inbox into the mailbox folder. There has to be a simpler way to do it from the open email.

— Leeboy

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    10 years ago

    Are you opening the message in a separate window?
    I usually use Mail in the mode where I have a single window with 3 areas: mailboxes on the left, messages at top, and the message on the bottom. All in one window. The message selected in the top is shown in full at the bottom. So I don’t “close” anything. I can drag the message from the top area to the mailbox while I am still viewing it.

      10 years ago

      Thanks Gary… that will work. I was looking for something similar to a ‘move to folder’ feature in the outlook client. But what you stated works well too. Thanks!

    Gary McNeil
    10 years ago

    I know my mail opens up in a new window if i double click on it. Just click on it once.

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