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Speed Up an Old MBP With an SSD?

Would replacing my MBP hard drive with an SSD improve its performance and speed?
I’m going crazy watching the beach ball spin and spin. I’ve done everything I can (according to all online posts) to speed up my mid 2010 MacBook Pro to no avail. Mine is the last version with a non-glare screen; the difference is amazing and I don’t want to lose the feature (i.e., it’s a VERY big deal.)
C-NET posted a well-done how-to video ( on replacing a MBP hard drive with an SSD assuring us that it will speed up our old laptops, but without quantifying the results; phooey.
Has anyone shared the experience? Thanks in advance.
John Stires

Comments: 2 Responses to “Speed Up an Old MBP With an SSD?”

    4 years ago

    Yes, and no. It will definitely speed it up. But it sounds like you have problems that are not related to speed. If you are getting spinning wait cursors, then there is a problem. SSDs won’t fix problems.
    To put it another way: Putting in higher octane gasoline into your car may speed it up, but it won’t magically fix a broken transmission. You need to get it looked at by an expert to diagnose and fix what is wrong.

    John Stires
    4 years ago

    Ah, reality check. Thanks Gary.

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