Forum Question: Spinning wheel on the rampage!

Hey guys,

Thought it better to post afresh than stick to replies… battery problem solved…can you suggest any way to find out why i see the spinning wheel so regularly now when I’m clicking here and there? I’ve always maintained at least 100gb of hard disk space, cleaned up all unwanted apps, start up only launches quicksilver, yet when safari, mail and itunes or any 3 (NON PHOTOSHOP) apps are on, there’s a tendency to slow down that wasn’t there before, despite using the same apps.

If i have to upgrade from 2gb ram to 4gb, so be it. But if I can clean this up without the pocket pinch, it’s be awesome!

— Dhruv

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    7/15/10 @ 10:02 pm

    It sounds like you know what you are doing, but you may get some more tips from episode 349
    Try turning off Quicksilver, if that is all you are running. See if it makes a difference. Could be hardware too — bad memory or hard drive. Lots of possibilities.

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