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Spreedsheet- How To Alter the Direction Of the Text In the Columns

For a spreadsheet. The top row in the columns A-F etc., I have to list names of individuals not numbers & I want them to be listed vertiCally on the paper not horizontally like they are on 1-10, how do I do this?etc.

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    11 years ago

    You can't orient text vertically in a cell. You can enlarge the font, make it bold, etc. Maybe one of those will work instead?
    You can also add a text box to your spreadsheet and place it right above the column for a table. You can then rotate the text box 90 degrees (or -90). With that you can certainly do it, but it is not as convenient.

    Louis Rifkin
    11 years ago

    As far as I know you cannot do that in Numbers (Apple) but it can be done in Excel (Microsoft), Symphony (spreadsheet part of suite) (free download from IBM) or RagTime (spreadsheet component of Page Layout App.)

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