Forum Question: Spring-loaded folders problem

Hi Gary!

Firs of all: kudos on everything Macmost – it’s great:)

And now my problem: ‘ve noticed after a few minutes my Spring loaded folders won’t open with Space bar (delay is turned off). I have to sign out to get it working again. Delay (when turned on) works fine. Space bar (hardware wise) also works fine. I’m using this function a lot, so I’m really mad because of it…

For any kind of help – I’m thankfull.

I wish you guys lots of success in the future!

— Luka Zorc

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    1/7/10 @ 5:26 pm

    I’ve never really used the spacebar with spring-loaded folders myself. I haven’t heard of any issues with it, though. But if you have the delay turned down all the way, then how does spacebar help? Isn’t the time to open the folder so short that you don’t need to use the spacebar?

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