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Start-Up 1 TB SSD Is Almost Full. What Should I Do?

Mid-2010 MacPro running Sierra. I have added internal 1 TB SSD as start-up and it is almost full. What is best way to manage the SSD data in order to keep the SSD as my start-up drive? (and without buying a 2TB SSD?)
jack roman

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    4 years ago

    There’s no magic to it. You have to go through your drive and see what is on there. Find things you no longer need and get rid of them or archive them to another drive.
    This is where keeping your drive organization neat and orderly comes into play. It is just like if you had an office with a desk, drawers and a file cabinet. You can better manage it if you keep it neat and know where things are.
    If not, then it is probably time to clean it up and get organized. No software app or utility can really help you as it is up to you to decide what to keep and what to delete. And if you do it right, you will have the ability to work more efficiently when you are done.
    I’d start by looking at your apps. Are there any you can uninstall that you don’t need anymore? Then maybe look in iMovie and GarageBand to see if you have old stuff there you don’t need. I’m not sure which apps you use, so I’m just guessing.
    Then it is a matter of looking through your files (Documents folder, hopefully) and seeing what is taking up space. But if it were me, I wouldn’t just try to find the big files and worry about those. I would also look at everything. Sometimes it is a folder full of little files from a long-ago project that takes up more space than any single big file.
    I did a video on this kind of thing just last month: <>

    4 years ago

    I have a 2009 MAC. I updated to Yosenamite as it will die (told by genius not to do anymore) Can I transfere my photos to a flash drive to get more room? If I can,how to do this please help? I am paying apple $9.99 a month for space, can’t afford a newer desktop. I do not do garageband or iMovie stuff. Thanks

    4 years ago

    carmie: Are you sure your Photos collection is the problem? If you are sure, and you want to archive some photos, you can do so many ways. You can simply drag and drop them from Photos into a folder on an external drive. Then delete them from Photos. But you’ll have to do that for a lot of photos to see a real difference. And make sure you save another copy of those photos to another place if you care about them — you need a backup.

    Also, check to see if you have a lot of videos in your Photos library. Or maybe just a few long ones. Video take up a lot more space in Photos. I tend to try to store videos elsewhere to keep my Photos library smaller.

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