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Start up MBP, Blue screen frozen.

Hi Gary, today I had the NOT so bright idea to go into finder and change permissions (get info) in Desktop,Home,Documents & Applications.. I changed “everyone” to “none” and “wheeler” or staff to “read or write only. I then restarted my MBP and am now stuck on a Blue Screen… I tried every option I know from start up, holding down D,C,P&R,Shift even inserted Snow Leopard disc went to disk utility (repaired disc)…. NOTHING has worked…. is it time to erase all and start over or is their another option you can suggest ?

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    9 years ago

    Messing about with your file permissions was a bad idea.
    Have you tried starting up with the boot DVD that came with the Mac? That would be the thing to do. Start the machine and insert the DVD. It it doesn’t boot from it after a while, then try restarting with the DVD in place and the “C” key held down — or the Option key to choose a disk.
    Then, once you have booted from the DVD, run Disk Utility (one of the few menu choices) and try “repair permissions.” That might help.
    Otherwise, take it to an expert — a Mac shop or the Genius Bar.

    9 years ago

    Thank you for all your help Gary, I ended up having to do a clean install of Snow Leopard, all seems to be working well. I lost everything but my MBP is working like new. My biggest regret is that I still lack the understanding of what & why happened.
    I do have another question if you have time. When I went into mail>Preferences>Accounts it shows that I have an active Mobileme email acct, I have never been a member and the acct. will not accept my AppleID. Should I just delete that acct. ?

      9 years ago

      That’s odd. Do you recognize the account ID? It could just be your Apple ID — used for other things like FaceTime, etc.

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