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How Do I Stay Secure On My MacBook Air?

I may have overlooked it🤔 I’ve read some of your suggestions about staying secure. VPN❓ Do you recommend them and do you use one & if so which one❓

D. Smith

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    2 years ago

    I don’t have any specific recommendation for a VPN service. I use NordVPN right now, but find it about the same as several others I have tried. I just found a good deal on that particular one so I’m using it now.

    I don’t use a VPN at home or work. That’s my Wi-Fi so I don’t need it. I try to use it when traveling, but the reality is that it can be a real pain to use. If your hotel or cafe Wi-Fi is weak or disconnects often, it can really slow you down. Plus, most if not all sites you probably use are SSL (https) anyway, so they are encrypted. All that not using VPN does in those cases is tell the router/ISP what sites you are visiting, not what you are doing there.

    But by all means get a VPN if you want. Just look for a good deal on a major one and real their sales pages about their Mac software. Try to get one that lets you use as many connections as you need, so you can use it with your iPhone and other devices too.

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