Forum Question: Sticking With iTunes 9

The new iTunes doesn’t look as good without the color so I think I want to keep using iTunes 9, but I am considering getting the new Apple TV. Would the new Apple TV need iTunes 10?

Or is their way to bring back the color to iTunes 10 via customization. Wonder why Apple went grey with 10??

— Royce

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    9/2/10 @ 9:10 pm

    History isn’t on your side. Typically Apple requires every update, even small ones, of iTunes to continue to use iPods, iPhones, Apple TV, etc. Sticking with iTunes 9 will probably cause problems eventually, if not right away.
    And I doubt there is a way to customize iTunes 10 to get it to look like iTunes 9.
    My advice, seriously, is to just go with iTunes 9. Otherwise you may cause yourself a lot of trouble that isn’t worth it just because you miss the color.

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