Forum Question: Stopping iPhoto coming on when hooking up iPhone

I want to avoid opening the iphoto app every time i hook up my iphone to the mac. I have done some research and apparently you can do this from image capture preferences. The problem is when I go to image capture app, it does not have preferences. It has service preferences which is different. Is there anything you can suggest to get round this??

— Amir

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    7/12/10 @ 12:28 pm

    The most recent version of Image Capture has this setting in a different place.WIth your iPhone connected, run Image Capture. Select the iPhone. Look in the bottom left for “Connecting this iPhone” and change it to “No Application.” Now iPhoto won’t automatically open and sync when you connect your iPhone.

    7/12/10 @ 1:01 pm

    Thanks Gary,


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