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Stream Vs Download Do They Use the Same Amout Of Data?

If I go to a site that offers stream and download video which will consume less data. I understand that if I download and a bad packet arrives my end would request a resend. Does the stream protocol compress the data any so not as much is needed to be transferred. Kinda like how zip files work?
David Hold

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    7 years ago

    The amount of data depends on the compression. Both downloads and streaming compress the video. The amount of compression varies depending on the service and other factors. Some services may give you a slightly better quality video with a download because you aren't in a hurry to watch -- you can afford to wait for the high quality and then watch it later. So that means more data with a download. But it isn't necessarily the case, just a possibility.
    Streaming services also will vary the quality/compression while you are watching, to keep the video playing even though your connection is inconsistent. So sometimes you may see high quality video and sometimes not, even changing each second if your connection is very inconsistent.
    If you have a very bad connection, then downloading is the way to go since you can wait until it finishes and then watch your movie without problems.
    So bottom line: it depends. If you are worried about data use, probably best to neither download nor stream video.

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