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Just got your ‘Guide to Switching to the Mac’:-) So far I’m missing (or can’t find) an important basic information concerning Safari and the situation, when you have more than one browser open. In page 159 you describe how to switch between tabs in a browser using shortcut. I miss the description on how to toggle between more than one open browser using shortcuts. Using Command+Tab only reveals Safari ones.
Jan Præst

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    1/3/11 @ 2:34 pm

    Command+Tab switches between applications. So if you are running two browsers, say Safari and Firefox, you can switch between them and any other applications you have running with Command+Tab.
    To switch between tabs you can use various shortcuts, like Command+Shift+[ and ]. To switch between windows in the same application (like if you have two Safari windows open) use Command+` (the key above the Tab key on a standard keyboard). That works in any application where you have more than one window open.

    Jan Præst
    1/3/11 @ 3:10 pm

    Thanks, but the Command+`doesn’t work on my (danish) keyboard. You are not to blame, but I probably must seek danish assistance. Thanks again.

      1/3/11 @ 3:17 pm

      You can make the shortcut whatever you want. Go to System Preferences, Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts. Then look in the Keyboard & Text Input category. Look for “Move focus to next window in application.”
      You will see what it is set at now, and you can also change it if you wish.

        12/3/11 @ 5:56 am

        Thanks a lot.
        Just what I need. After moving to Lion (a little late) and a new MB Air, the old rutines were gone for me on a european keypad.

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