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Switching from Entourage to MacMail

I have almost 12 GB of information on Entourage.
I have thought about switching to Mac’s Mail but do
not know what I can do with all of the info on En-
tourage. Shall I archieve it, will it be accessible in
an archieve, etc. What would you suggest? By the way,
if you treat this point in your new book, just reference
the pages since I did purchase it.

Tom Cotton
PS: I watch your videos all of the time and find them
very informative. Thanks for all of your tips, Gary!

— Tom Cotton

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    10 years ago

    I made the switch from Entourage to Mail myself. Granted, it was about 5 years ago. But what I did was to archive the email out of Entourage. Not sure what the options are now, but I remember being able to do it in .mbox format. That’s basically text, so even if you can’t open it any other way, you can open it and search in a text editor. But Apple Mail does do a good job of opening an .mbox file as well.
    You could always archive the whole thing, and then delete everything but the last 6 months, and then import that into Mail to give you some history. Of course, you could also just import the entire 12gb into Mail too.
    Another tip: whenever I archive mail like this, i always sort it by size and then identify those messages that have massive attachments that I no longer need. I remove the attachments from the messages which cuts the size of the files down dramatically.

    Willard Clapper
    8 years ago

    I have on older eMac and have used Entourage for my email. I purchased a new iMac and have been trying to transfer my Entourage address book to my new iMac where I am using MacMail. I have tried various tactics, but I can’t get the new machine to accept the “package” that contains my addresses. Any ideas?

      8 years ago

      Just a matter of going back to Entourage and exporting in every way that it lets you. Then trying each one for import. Don’t rule out dragging and dropping. I forget it Entourage handles that, but you could try dragging the contacts to the Finder to export them, and then dragging them into Address Book (or importing). Experiment and try different things.

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