Forum Question: Switching Time Machine Drives

Hi Gary,

I am thinking about moving to a 2 TB drive for my Time Machine back up as my 500 is nearing capacity. Is there a way to move my current backup file to the new drive so the automatic back ups pick up where they left off?

Also, as paranoid as I am, I back up my pics, docs, movies, and applications to a separate external drive. I do this via copy and paste. Is there a better/safer/ easier way I could do this?
Thanks again!

— Jason Dennis Valade

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    3/20/10 @ 12:40 pm

    I’ve moved drive before. I’ve never bothered trying to move the backups, though. After all, they are just backups. I’d set up TM on the new drive and just put the old drive in a drawer. You can rest easy knowing that if there is a catastrophe in the first day of your new backup that you have the old one ina drawer. Otherwise, with each day that goes by your old backup becomes more and more unneeded.
    I can understand a 2nd backup of your pics, movies and docs, but why applications? You can always re-install those. You can always get applications back, it is the stuff you created that has real value.
    One way to do it might be use a program like SuperDuper and tell it to copy your user folder. Then the next time it copies, it simply updates the copy, adding new files and such. Much easier and faster.

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