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sync diferent devices

I work between an ipad 1 on the road and a macbook, and a imac at home.
My question is this. How can I add data to one and then add it to the other two devices by sync. I do subscribe to mobile me, but seem to struggle with syncing the 3 devices.
Can you some idea about syncing between the devices accurately.
many thanks
jim harrison

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    9 years ago

    Depends on what you mean by “data.”
    If you mean contacts, events and bookmarks, then MobileMe is exactly what will do it. Just enable MobileMe sync on all 3 devices using the same MobileMe account.
    If you mean email, then it is just a matter of using an IMAP or Exchange email server, and having mail clients that point to the same mail server on all 3.

      jim Harrison
      9 years ago

      its bookmarks calendar events and contacts etc

        9 years ago

        Then all you need to use is MobileMe. Make sure sync is turned on for all those devices and those things.

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